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In BNI we’re encouraged to have one-on-one (dance card) meetings, meeting with other members of our chapter over coffee or lunch, or whatever. It’s expected. Of course information is going to be passed, ideas shared, but the idea is to learn about each other’s businesses. As a result business does develop and and we are in a position to tell others about the businesses in our chapter because we have knowledge of them.

I think if someone made a habit of trying to get lots of information free without paying for it (I know someone on another forum who has reputation of begging for help from anyone who will give it but doesn’t pay for that help) then that’s a different thing. But I have no objection to meeting with people and having a chat. Had a lady here last night, in fact, wanting advice on setting up a new business and we spent a lovely hour together. Will business occur for me? I have no idea but she will tell others about me and who knows where that will lead?

I feel the key is to limit how often you meet with people. I try to make the one-on-ones a once-a-week event but sometimes it might happen two or three times in one week (different people) because I’ve had a few weeks where I’ve not met with anyone.