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gen Y advantage, post: 123053 wrote:
How would you bring up such a conversation when people ask you to come have coffee?

There is a lot of research around gender differences and doing business. Usually women focus on building relationships first, before making business.

Is this relationship building, or do ‘we’ really need to step up and ask for a sale?

You can ask them what the purpose is of the coffee meet. I can hear it now.
“Hi gen Y how about we go grab a cup of coffee”
“Is it a work meet or social?”
“err social but I was going to ask you a few questions about fb”
“no problem, I’m available between 3-5 tomorrow, I’ll schedule you in for that time, just to confirm my consulting fees are $x per hour is that ok with you?”
If they agree its win win, you will feel great about giving professional service and they will feel relieved that their not taking advantage of you.
If they dont agree you can still go to coffee but if they broach the subject gently tell them that it was supposed to be a social meet. There is a good chance they wont ask you for coffee again but who works for coffee anyway?