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Sounds like we are all talking about our own experiences with our own coffee providers…

Personally i am a strong believer in listening to everyone, as you never know where the next golden opportunity will prevail or present… although,

Maybe there should be classifications for the coffee….. LOL…
1. Those who extract
2. Those who extract and insert (oh sounds dirty)
3. Those that insert
4. Those who just want a coffee…

Most appear to be talking about class 2.. although at varying levels we will deal with all types, unfortunately at this stage i am dealing with class 1… i never avoid the coffees, but i do allocate my time wisely with the understanding it is purely a social interaction whereby the likelihood of me learning is heavily reduced as the extractor is determined to achieve his/her tasks over mine.

i love this term…..
“are you listening, or waiting to speak” and this is certainly a situation i want to avoid…

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