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James Millar
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As an advisor every meeting should have a purpose (whether it’s in office or out, casual or formal). Not to say that you need to prepare a formal agenda for every occasion but as an advisor, at least figure out before you go why you are going. Occasions during business hours are with going to be either personal or business orientated. If its business and it’s a new referral or lead then you know it’s sales / pipeline excercise (and you can qualify a lead if necessary before meeting). Beyond that I think it’s fair and appropriate for a firm to devote some resources into meeting and relatsionship building on an unpaid basis. As an adviser you just need to learn how to provide some initial unpaid information but not the entire solution / answer (the valuable paid component). If you handle the initial meeting well and you have a great solution then invariably it will progress to a paid client. Everyone wins.

Serious growth takes sales resources and as advisors our sales resource is largely time. We acknowledge that and plan accordingly. Some may not convert to a paid client and it’s not necessarily the prospects fault (or ours). Sometimes there is no engagement needed.

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