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Interesting read through some of the replies here.

Few questions though;

1) If I charged someone for my consultation can my advice be detrimental to there business?

2) Does the person or myself know what we are talking about exactly?

3) Depending on financial advice would you state to them its ‘general advice’ in where to take there business?

4) Are they talking in what is reality or they dreaming?

Few things people must understand when giving ‘advice’ to people and charging for it, I mean lets face it, there are many that provide forums or seminars on success and all are similiar or completely different from the last?

I think the real meaning of gaining success in business or which ever, should have the facade removed and see the real meaning behind it.

I mean I can give people advice on exactly how to raise money and approach business to create joint ventures and bring ideas to another and grow from there. I do it all the time, I find it really easy, actually I don’t even know why others can’t do what I’m doing, it is that easy, oh wait there’s more to it…

(Slightly off topic here) But remember to get where I am, took hard work, education (I’m not talking about schooling), money, knowing the right people… Now here’s the part that all successful people tell you, “be around people smarter then yourself and who are successful”, let me tell you, you can’t just think your going to hang out with people in banking, finance, big business individuals because you show up at the local watering hole.

Doesn’t work like that in reality, these people won’t want to be around you unless you have education in what your doing;

    if your looking for angel funding or banking, get educated on it and so forth, these people realise who you are quickly and weed you out by the 11th hour.

I deal with this also, I have some people that ask me questions upon questions that they will never understand because there not self educated, do that first and maybe someone will have your backing to give your advice off, these are my thoughts.

For my advice, I can give it on equity funding, private financing, banking, business setup, acquisitions, business strategies, understanding financial reports on businesses, marketing.

But would I tell someone for free that I don’t know well?… Sure it builds rapport with them and maybe who they know? This could have a positive effect in the future. Would I give them detailed advice to tell them how to start there business and receive phone calls from them about it? No, I wouldn’t because I just don’t have time.

Why am I here maybe you ask? Its about networking with others, helping another who can help you, and I relised just recently you should never judge someone by the way the look, talk or dress (I’ve never judged people on this), but I have a very dear friend that I work with, that if he showed up for a meeting you would think he cleaned cars wind shields, but with the relations he has with high net worths and business leaders this individual knows you would only here of in newspapers, witness driving a +$600K car or live in the best suburbs in Sydney.

Once your in, you stay in, but again getting advice from such people would be difficult, at the best times, and I know from my own experience.

If you want advice on a particular business your in, find the person thats the most successful and organise to have a coffee with them to have a chat, and remember also successful people don’t like talking about money or talking to you about there success, there used to it and they hang out with people who are of the same calibre, and they don’t ask themselves if ones worth $100M and another $1B on how they did it, because they both can do the same things right?