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John C.
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All the cabling is likely to be cat5e, if it was done in the last 10 years or so, which can be used for either data or phones. Generally, in a commercial premises, the cabling is done from a wall plate at the end point (in the offices), to either a wall plate or a distribution panel in a central location (the server room, or comms cupboard). These cables are dead – they don’t carry any traffic until something is plugged in to both ends.

What you need to do to get multiple computers running is:

1/ plug a computer into each of the end points you want to use
2/ “patch” the other end of the cable into the router

Number 2 above can be achieved either directly – using a cat5 or cat6 patch lead from the wall point or distribution panel – to the router, or if you router doesn’t have enough free LAN ports on it you can buy a cheap switch.

If the cables aren’t numbered, then figuring out which is which is a bit tricky unless you have a cable tester and or sniffer. You can do it buy plugging a computer into one end and then patching the router into each of the cables until the corresponding light comes on at the router and or the ethernet port on the computer. A cheap cable tester can be had for less than $50, so that may be worthwhile.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you need more clarification.