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Hi Jodie,

My name is Ben and I run an IT, Web & Cloud Solutions business with my wife.

We would be happy to discuss with you your website and how we can assist you so that your website works for both you and your business.

Season Travel, post: 123073 wrote:
Hi All,

Firstly just wanted to say how useful I am finding these forums, podcasts etc for us little solo’s out there.

I have a website which after hours of work it’s up to the standard that Im happy with, the problem is that person that designed it is being really difficult to work with, I can change/updated about 95% of the website but there are parts that he has to do. And naturally charges what I think is over priced rates. He takes days to respond to emails, I constantly have to chase him up, he doesn’t answer phone calls – hence why I’m done with him.

I have told him as of yesterday that I am going to find someone locally preferably someone that understands how a small/solo business runs, so if there is anyone out there that I can help with my website I would really appreciate it.