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TrevAtMidas, post: 123250 wrote:
G’day Phillip,

I’ve had a look at your web site and this is from a visitor point of view with no credentials in web site design, I just know what I like viewing in my web travels. I like the colours, bold yet not overdone or confusing. Love the boldness of the top banner showcasing your business name, Facebook like, and contact details, but question if you need a Home button?

I take on board your comment that your last site was too big, with too many places for the user to wander off too, but for me, single page sites don’t do it, I like to see some separation of a site’s components.

The links for Portfolio, Testimonial, Features and Pricing simply dropping down to the appropriate section on the same page, offer me no further information than what I’d already read, so I felt a bit disappointed.

Phillip your site, particularly in your profession as a web site builder is a showcase of your talents and it should entice the visitor looking for a new web site to see yourself as their answer. I like your portfolio of work, what I can see of it, but it transitions too quickly for me to get a decent look at it. For me, I’d appreciate at least a link to the sites you’ve created, you may have created the sites for someone else, but they’re still your babies, be proud of them and let folk who are potential clients get a good look and feel for the different types of work you’re capable of.

Loved the use of the Testimonials under your Portfolio, it’s always nice to read end user comments.

The use of the grey circles and one green for your features is nice, but they look like they should be clickable to somewhere else in my opinion.

Sorry Phillip, I’m not confident I’ve been of any help and as previously mentioned, I have no credentials in web design, BUT we are great at finance :-). Hopefully others amongst the membership will be positioned to review your site from a more professional aspect.

Kind regards
Trevor Cox

Thanks I found your post really helpful and thanks again for taking the time for the report. Cheers!