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kathiemt, post: 123959 wrote:
You didn’t say how she got the bird?

Re the ‘warning’. There are images there I wouldn’t want my grandson to see. And when he’s visiting he is often here at the computer with me. Likewise, any parent with young (or older) children wouldn’t want to see some of the images on your site, I don’t class them as PG rated. Which is what I meant by a warning so people know that they’re going to see more flesh than sometimes expected.

I guess it is a subjective topic :) This is after all an Australian business forum where members are mostly over the age of 18 – I think warning there may be unsuitable content (PG) is a little redundant.

Given the amount of violence parents let their children privy to; via video games and television – seeing a few artistic photographs is hardly damaging. How an adult views an image and how a child views it is very different. Even adults view them differently. If viewed with shame of the body – the images will be reflected with ones own shame. If it is not shamed, or taboo then it’s a beautiful celebration of the human form.

For me, I would not hide this from my child – nor does my wife’s sister; whose 6yr old daughter is a budding young artist and sees her aunties photography. I’ve seen pictures of her drawing replicas of my wife’s photographs; and never once has it been of one of the pictures deemed inappropriate. Children at that age are typically unaffected if it’s not hidden or make something that shouldn’t be seen.