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Purpleblaze, post: 123242 wrote:
I’m currently working full-time as a website developer and working Freelance. I would really like to launch my business full-time but I’m also quite scared to take the leap. I’m not getting a lot of work coming in at the moment but I also feel that might be because I don’t have the time to dedicate to my business. I’m really not sure what to do when it comes to advertising my business. I keep being told not to do certain things because they’re a waste of time and money…

Any advice or suggestions?

G’day Purple,

I can HIGHLY recommend doing the cert IV in small business management at TAFE its a 2 semester run you can do whilst your still working probably 2 nights a week.
Your timing is perfect – Next semester begins next week. (well it does in NSW not sure about QLD)

Best of luck,