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I’m located in Boronia Heights :)

You bring up some pretty good points! My main issue is that I only graduated from uni last year and I’m only 21. All through uni I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to do and that was always to run my own business. I’m not sure if age would be a massive factor in deciding when the right time is.

Do you think age will be a massive issue? I am working full-time at the moment and I keep thinking it really isn’t what I want to do because I’ve always had this idea in my head that I would run my own business…

AgentMail, post: 123276 wrote:
Hi Kim,

Where abouts in Brissy are you located?

I think the main point is there is never a right time :)

There is a lot of learning etc. you can do in preparation, but at some point, you will only see how it is going to be when you bite the bullet.

I think the main thing is it is a massive learning experience, whether you succeed or fail! If all didn’t work out, and you had to rejoin the workforce, think of the additional skills you’d bring to the table, having run your own business, managed customers, accounts, etc. – In my opinion, you would be a highly employable person!

So that is worst case, then the best case – You work for yourself, manage your time, create an asset and live an extremely happy life.

What do you think? Is the potential downside worth the risk?