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I think Khalid and I have different opinions, but neither are incorrect, because it depends on your own circumstance. My business is my passion, so working another job just wasn’t ever going to work for me. It was about so much more than the money. It was about lifestyle, building a future for myself and my family, and yes, a little bit of risk taking too.

Financial stability is rarely a sure fire thing when running your own business, and you first have to ensure you are comfortable with that.

The other issue you will have is time. Right now, you have very little time, as you mentioned to focus on growing your own business. When that is your sole focus, it makes life a lot easier.

I started by running my business part-time while working full time and something always suffered – either the business did not get enough attention or my full time job was under pressure. When I finally bit the bullet and moved into the business full time, it was so fantastic, and I was so pumped, it has continued to go from strength to strength.

Having customers is very important, but so is having time to service them. Think about what you feel most comfortable with. You might even find getting a part-time job working at Bunnings, and spending the additional time growing your business to be more rewarding than being tied to a full time job and tinkering with your business in your downtime.