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Gavin_S, post: 123284 wrote:
Hi Guys,
One thing I would add to this is to be careful how you set your prices if they differ between countries – especially if they are visible.
Recently I was dealing with PayPal’s merchant services and I got a nasty surprise when I realised that the pricing I was looking at was from the US site – and then found out that their Australian site charges 3x the price for the exact same service!
Another example is a website I was viewing last night that sells the same product for 3 different prices (depending on where in the world you are). There is no explanation for the price difference as shipping is charged separately – so in my view they “ripping off” Australian customers by charging almost 20% more than US customers pay…. especially when the company is based here in Australia!
I see nothing wrong with pricing things to suit the market. And different markets sometimes do need different pricing – but it’s never a good idea to let people easily see that other customers are paying less, especially when an alternative supplier is just a Google search away.
Good luck!


The real nasty trick is when Australian companies get exclusive distribution rights to products, then hold a monopoly on supply for the country. This is getting worse with some companies suing international suppliers if they do not provide sufficient means to stop Australian consumers from buying off international sites, or realign their prices to make price + postage not worth the hassle.