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Gavin_S, post: 123376 wrote:
Hi Kathie,
Have you tried purchasing it from a US based retailer? Sometimes buying it in a box and having it shipped over is a better option. Or ebay.com might be an easy way to pick it up from someone in the US even cheaper. I have friends in the US and once or twice a year I end up buying something that has to be shipped to them so they can then send it to me as I can’t order it direct. It still works out cheaper that way than ordering it here in Australia.
It’s an interesting topic, I was in India last year and while there I went into a computer store thinking I might pick up a bargain on some Apple products to bring home – It surprised me to learn that Apple maintains their pricing for all countries. It costs the same to buy a Macbook in Delhi as it does in Melbourne.


Silly me, I hadn’t even thought of that. I have quite a few friends in the US or I could check out eBay. I was frustrated not being able to buy it direct from Adobe.com, especially since they seem so prominent online. I was just shocked at the jump in price because of my location.