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For me, a Physio’s Facebook page should include lots of helpful tips and pieces of advice for looking after your body. Videos of stretches, pictures of exercise programs, flyers for fun runs (other organisation’s runs) etc.

If you do this well and keep it interesting, interactive and fun, then it should grow organically.

I would include the page link on all signature blocks – maybe even on the invoices??.

And finally, I would use word of mouth – eg, have the physio/s drop the Facebook Page into discussions with patients. Anytime I go to a physio, there is plenty of idle chit chat.

One thing I have found is that things like comps on Facebook (Which can be against the Facebook policy and risk Facebook expulsion) are not the best way to get fans. Making a useful and interesting page is the best bet. Telling people about the page is the next step.

Oh yeah last thing, offer promo’s on your page.

Sorry, I know probably not all that helpful..