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It looks like you’ve put a lot of work into your site.

Is your site inviting?

I’m not your target market so my view probably needs to be viewed in context. To me, your site looks like it sells products as opposed to jewellry. I guess if I know what I want, that is fine. However if I’m not sure, and am looking for inspiration, the large number of products per page on white creates the impression of an assembly line as opposed to an emotional purchase.

Is it offputting?

For a jewellry site – I believe so. For a jewellry site that sells jewellry at reasonable prices, I’m not sure.

Is it easy to navigate/purchase etc.

It seems to be, I didn’t go through the full purchase.

Is it clear what I’m about?

I don’t think so. Your business is called MinzBeadz

Your tagline says: “let your creative side run wild”.

At present, if I land on your page, my first thought is that I can create jewellry with beads by staying on the site.

It appears however, that you are primarily selling jewellry and the principal benefit is the affordibilty. So taking that angle, something like…

On-line suppliers of beads, charms and jewellry – at very affordable prices

might work better.

Also SEO – not expecting to know how to get to Google #1 for the word beads, but would like to know if anything’s really wrong with how it is.

I guess this is the area where I think you can make significant inroads quite quickly. I noted the link to your blog. And enjoyed your engaging style of writing. What I think you should do is to create a new blog where you tap into that ability to engage an audience by writing about the thing you are trying to sell – beads, charms and jewellry. Then make that the blog you link to on your site.

I note that the site that appeared on the first page of Google for the term “on-line beads Australia”


has a substantial “how to section” that presumably shows people how to use their products. That is the sort of thing you want to be doing too. Other ideas of what to write about include:

  1. Looking through Google keywords tool for your core keywords and writing content about them as well as related terms and phrases
  2. Answering customer questions
  3. Posting pictures of happy customers
  4. Addressing customer fears (eg. how to tell the diffeence between real and fake gemstones)
  5. Coming up with lists
  6. Tapping into calender events: 10 great jewellry ideas for Christmas

to name a few. If you type into Google (“ideas for blogging”), you’ll find several people have created lists of what to blog about that should keep you going for some time.

Hope this helps

Neil M