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geegee, post: 123497 wrote:
My website is also a Zen Cart site and I am also on a limited budget like you. I chose a template I liked them tailored it to suit me. There are other templates in Zen Cart that are free or very reasonably priced. http://www.picaflor-azul.com/ is one site you might like as they have the footer menu like yours.

Thanks, I’ll go and check that out. :)
A huge part of my issue is what to do with it though, should I get it. The guy who has originally done my website just doesn’t answer any ticket submissions I put in for support, and as previously mentioned, has removed a direct email and phone number off his website, any internet advertising etc. So…I don’t have the ZenCart software at my end, nor do I have any access (as far as I’m aware) to the template software.
Appreciate your comments – Min