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Just noticed on your home page “All orders over $50 are FREE – so start shopping!”.

Wow – you are giving stuff away!!!! I think you should add the word “delivery”.

To help with SEO consider putting more text in your product description – without going overboard. The description should at the very least say what the item is, ie “Attractive crystal brooch featuring funky frog design”. I know it is in the title, but I think it would help to have it in the description too. The beauty of your product page layout is that the title is far enough away from the product description that it won’t look like doubling up.

I have a bit of a thing about “contact us” pages. It is good that you have an address on there because it shows you are “real” and also based in Australia. However I would consider investing in PO Box if you are working from home – from a privacy and security point of view. Have you thought of having your phone number on there too? It reinforces the “comfort factor”. When we launched we put our home phone number on the site, but now have a 1300 number. We don’t get over-run with phone calls so its not too expensive, but many people do like to speak to a real person and even order over the phone.

Your shipping and returns page, T&C and FAQ do not appear to mention the price of shipping in Australia. And when you add a product to cart (I didn’t go all the way) it doesn’t seem to mention shipping costs until after you have added all you details. I would want to know up front.

Wishing you success.