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Hi Min,

I think you’ve got some valuable feedback here.

I can see you’ve put a lot of work into your business and website, so good job there. I know what it is like trying to start out selling things online also – not quite as easy as you anticipate.

I do agree with the majority in finding the site bit old fashioned, but it’s not far off, and it’s not the end of the world. When I think back to the first hammock website I made about 5 years ago, I cringe – it was a bit of a shocker. But it made sales and got me going, I’m now on my 3rd upgrade. We can’t all afford a premium website to start with.

At the moment there is a very large gap between your text and the start of the images. My screen is large enough to see them, but on a smaller screen I think they might be well below the fold.

At some stage you’ve got to stop tinkering and trying to make it better, and just move onto a new structure or design all together. So I’d suggest if you can, get a new free template, something more modern and functional to your needs. Find sites you like and copy them to a degree, make it fun for customers to shop there.

Also I notice on your Facebook page it’s quite active which is awesome. The images are a bit low quality though, same on the website with some they look like they’ve been compressed and have lost a bit of detail. As such they don’t really do your products justice. Highly quality images make a huge difference, specially with detailed jewellery pieces I imagine.

It’s good to see people interested in your pieces through Facebook. I started to suggest a Facebook store, but see you have one. Perhaps you’d have better a better conversion rate through that? Allows people to stay on Facebook. Hard to know though.

I see a few people asking for prices on things, so maybe include that in the images description along with information how to purchase, via this link, or Facebook shop, or email. “Like this piece? Email us to order/Click here to buy” or something similar.

All the best, cheers,