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MinzBeadz, post: 124002 wrote:
The site isn’t very attractive at all, and screams “home business”, but not in a good way, but in a rather lack of taste way, which can’t be good for a jewellery store. And I really can’t get past the look and feel, if it’s not inviting then it’s really not going to make a difference what your products/prices are like.

Thanks for your comments – nothing really I can say to that, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it.
Well it’s a little bit more than just not “liking” it.

I’ve worked for 15 years in the web industry, and have managed and read more usability and user preference studies and reports than I care to remember. And the look, feel & style of a site can do more negative than simply offend someone’s aesthetic tastes. More so with ecommerce sites, since you’re asking a user to trust you with their credit card details. That’s a big ask, and to give yourself the best chance of success your site needs to look professional and trustworthy. At the moment yours does not.

If you have no budget, and can’t or don’t want to use something like Etsy or Ebay, then I’d strongly suggest looking at WordPress theme options, they’re not perfect but again would be a big improvement. Or there are also hosted solutions such as Big Commerce.