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John C.
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Unfortunately for many small businesses, many people will read a story such as this one and instead of thinking that it’s vital to have a backup and DR plan in place whether they use a Cloud solution or not, they will come to the conclusion that “The Cloud” is not safe and going back to having only one copy of their data “safe” on the desktop computer sitting under the receptionist’s desk is a much better situation to be in.

The reality is that a natural disaster that killed 8 people and caused millions of dollars of damage only cased a brief (0.09% downtime for the year) outage to a handful of recreational services which were fully recovered quite easily within 8 hours. To replicate the capabilities and DR of the Amazon service in a non-cloud way would cost millions of dollars.

I’m not saying that a Cloud solution is for every organisation, but it’s important to have some perspective when evaluating what’s right for you and comparing it to what’s reported by sensational journalists.