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websitedesigner, post: 123392 wrote:
I don’t really get the constant spreading of fear around cloud technologies. You think people are better having their stuff on their own computers? For every story of a server going down and people losing data there would be 100 for local computers crashing from storms, hard drives crashing and not being backed up etc.

Perhaps I’m not being plain enough in what I write, so just in case it was too complicated, here’s a precis.

I quite like the cloud but I wouldn’t like my business to rely on it.
A big player in the cloud market was down for six hours, which is a lot if you are dependent on it.
Probably best to make sure you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

So then, nothing to do with “constant spreading of fear”, and only something to do with “having their stuff on their own computers” by inference.

What I wrote simply highlighted that The Cloud is not the be all an end all, is still a maturing technology and is most certainly not a silver bullet. And yet, I keep hearing how businesses are doing or going to do everything in The Cloud without so much as a consideration for redundancy, disaster recovery or what the beep they’ll do should a digger go through a phone line or two.

My recommendation as always with any tool is to use it appropriately. Clearly with The Cloud that will depend on individual requirements. My own personal approach is to store locally, backup locally and backup to The Cloud as well.

I was without a PC internet connection for 6 days a couple of years ago because someone let several thousand litres of water in to some electronics. This is a sobering experience if you actually NEED it to go about your daily business.

While that is of course a rarity, it’s still noteworthy, because these things do actually happen. Even if we look at the norm, statistically speaking, if a Cloud provider promises 99.9% up time, that’s still a potential 87.6 hours down time in a year. That’s 10 working days.

My aim as always is to inform people of reality, to help them understand the practicalities of their situation and thus to help them make informed decisions, rather than jumping on the next bandwagon that comes rolling by.

It’s what we long in the tooth computer professionals do because we recognise that despite the technological advances of the last 25 years, people and business are still trying to solve exactly the same problems they were trying to solve when I started in the industry.