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John Debrincat, post: 123405 wrote:
@Uncomplicating this is not really a true refection of where “Cloud” is at, either here in Australia or, worldwide. Data centre integrity and security is an issue that has become more mainstream media due to our reliance on the internet and, yes, “Cloud” computing. There is not much you do on a daily basis that does not ultimately involve a data centre somewhere. The vast majority of the population probably are not aware or don’t care. Data centres also talk to each other and a failure at one can often lead to a downstream lapse in some service or other be it an ATM, a website or a mobile, pretty much everything is connected.

Freak weather conditions, even sun spots and flares, have played havoc with data centres and communication since the beginnings of the information age. In the past I have seen data centres flooded, we lost Asian internet access because someone dropped an anchor in the Java Straits, a farmer ripped up an optic cable causing communication between NSW and VIC to be severely limited. You name it and it has probably happened. None of this has anything to do with the capabilities and maturity of the underlying technology.

The other comment I hear sometimes is “but we don’t know where our data is being stored”. My answer, “get over it”, you have no idea where your information is stored now. People buy from overseas websites, even some claiming to be Australian, guess what the information might be in China, USA, Turkey, who knows. Most people have no idea where their personal and financial information is stored and probably don’t really care. Should they? Well that is a different issue.

Cloud is here to stay in one form or another.

I’d argue that it is a true reflection of where The Cloud is at for the simple reason that a Cloud service was can be down for several hours. Clearly it doesn’t happen everyday, but it does happen, and that’s an important thing IF!! your business depends on it.

That said, I agree with the sentiment. Most people don’t care and don’t want to care. And you’re absolutely right about the data thing. People give their hard earned cash to the bank every month without a thought, because they trust the system. They’ll be the same with their data in due course.