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John C.
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Uncomplicating, post: 123565 wrote:
I’m the same as you, email in the cloud, banking and so on. So clearly, I like it too.

My concern is for those with blind faith who MOVE their world to the cloud rather than using is it part of a wider strategy.

Blindly doing anything without determining whether it meets your requirements is obviously a bad thing, but I worry much less about people who have blindly moved their data to reputable cloud providers, than I do about people who blindly leave their data on a single computer with no backup and disaster recovery plan in place. At least the larger cloud service providers have backup, redundancy and DR plans in place at the data center, and although it may not be ideal for all people, it’s often better than the alternative that most people naively accept.

The media has a vested interest in reporting stories that cause their customers to stop and listen. They do this by playing to our fears and deepest desires. Hearing about a large “Cloud” service like Amazon being down for 8 hours, and impacting on Netflix etc is newsworthy. Reporting that thousands of hard drives fail every day is not newsworthy, so the first time many people realise that hard drives fail routinely, is the day that THEIR hard drive fails.

Above everything else I think it’s important to remember that the word “Cloud” doesn’t actually mean anything when it’s used by marketing departments and the media. Each individual cloud service needs to be evaluated on it’s merits – some, like DropBox, result in multiple copies of your data so that even if DropBox were to shutdown it’s service tomorrow, most customers will have a full copy of their data on their local computer. Other cloud services, like Hosted Email, are susceptible to an outage at the data center, obviously, but a company housing it’s own Email server is just as susceptible to an outage of it’s local internet connection or a failure of local server.