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I’ve heard of dropshipping businesses work really well + with alot of hardwork also, but I think a good method would be to try and pre-sell the product.

I think find out how quickly you can get the products to where ever you are first, and use that as leverage, but you have to make sure you have it well planned out, if your trying to bring in electronics/jewellery/clothing maybe try and get a source where you can get a contract in an actual store so at least you have a stream of income coming in.

If your product delivery time is estimated 1 week, make it 2 weeks to get delivered to the customers so you can get it landed here in time, so maybe everytime you sell 5 products off, you order 10 instead so you spread your risk a little more and grow slowly slowly. Find out whats the minimum order you can get when discussing the price your happy with.

Even invest around $5k – $10k in the product, I know of many people starting these types of businesses with no money down, off the back of a credit card and pre-selling is one of there secrets.