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IT Advocate, post: 138203 wrote:
From the Anandtech review:

Surface is the most flexible tablet I’ve ever used. Through two seemingly simple additions to the design (but incredibly complex to actually develop and implement), Microsoft took a tablet and turned it into something much more. If you’re frustrated by productivity limits of currently available tablets, Surface really seems to be the right formula for a solution. It’s important to note that Microsoft’s execution with Surface establishes the company as a competitive powerhouse in the mobile design market. I can only imagine what multiple revs of the design will give us, not to mention what could happen if Microsoft set its obsessive sights on smartphones or notebooks.

The Windows RT experience, in many senses, is clearly ahead of what many competitors offer in the tablet space today. Multitasking, task switching and the ability to have multiple applications active on the screen at once are all big advantages that Microsoft enjoys. For productivity workloads, Surface is without equal in the tablet space.


I think I read and watched every single review on the Surface. Although mixed opinions, I agree the Anandtech was the less bias. I have also read a lot of hands on impressions from the Times Square line-up in the states and the kiosks around Australia with stunning appraisal. Nov 6th can’t come quick enough!