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Paul B., post: 123930 wrote:
I think it depends on what your competitors are stating. You dont want to be offering (say) $12 soaps with free postage when your competitors soaps are $5. The $12 price tag would scare people away (even if they end up forking out $12 to the competitors once postage is added).

I personally like the approach ‘spend $50 or more and receive free postage’. It gives the buyer an incentive to spend more and it also allows them to compare the saving rather than just being given an end figure with postage included.

Yep I agree. That’s what we currently do and we make sure we set the freight free price at x% over what our current average order is so that we’re always pushing the average size of our orders up.

This only works so far though as it starts to get out of the reach of lots of people’s desired spend so we introduce a second tier, say “orders over $150 get a free sample of x y z”.