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Tony Pfitzner
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Hi Danny

An experienced and effective B2B salesperson will be looking at a mix of retainer and commission, particularly in the early days when they are unsure of the market for your product. If a person is any good they are probably going to need a retainer of at least $80k if working full-time, plus commission on top of that. This was what I was paying back last century – selling web development – so it’s probably higher now!

It may be less if the product is simple and low cost.

I don’t know your business model, but in most cases I would be looking to test the market using online sales or lead generation. I therefore question the need for a salesperson at all. It is a big mistake to commit to high overheads – such as salaries – in untested markets.

If you can perfect your sales process online you will learn a lot about your market, your sales process, and probably yourself. You may well gain enough confidence to become an effective salesperson.