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Virginia G
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Hey Paul!

Thanks for taking the time to review and reply! ALL your feedback and honesty is really appreciated – that’s why I asked! :)

I’ve already made some changes (what I could do myself quickly):

– removing free website hosting links,

– adding more info to the first paragraph on my contact & first page (which I assume is what you mean by the landing page)

– As far as elongated – I know what you mean – there are limitations with this do-it-yourself website – I wish there was an option to spread out a little. Having said that, I will work on reducing the info to make it less wordy :)

– Graphics on first page, do you mean images? What do you think would look better the images at the top and push the awards further to the bottom??

– “I also find the heading to be quite mediocre and boring.” – I’ll put my thinking cap on and see what fonts are available to me (I suspect that’s what you mean)

– Logo: that’s tricky – but I’ll certainly put some thought into it (any suggestions?)

– not sure what you mean by “goecities” but I’ll get around to working that out.

I’ll work on getting those other points refined :)

Thank you again Paul, if anything else comes to mind please feel to tell me!