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My Wedding Concierge
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Hey there, I’ll give you some feedback purely from a designers perspective…

Overall the feel of the site is not exciting, and unfortunately isn’t professional looking. The site definitely has a ‘home made’ feel and I don’t mean that in a good way.

You have a number of different fonts, sizes, colours, alignments, and different layouts from page to page which impacts the cohesiveness of the overall design.

You’re not showcasing what you actually offer properly, especially on the home page. When I get to that page I should feel like “WOW this stuff is amazing, I want to see more”.

There’s a lot to talk about but I think maybe I will just make some recommendations for you to implement, but honestly I think you should try to hook up with a designer and have them help you.

– Brighten up the design, make it feel more creative and inviting

– Choose one font for the body text, and stick with it, don’t go using different font sizes or colours

– Pick a layout for each page, and use it for every single page

– Focus on presenting only the most important information that you want to show to people… On the home page for example you waste a lot of space thanking brides and showing awards. Visitors who come to your site aren’t interested in seeing you thank brides (on the home page anyway) so don’t show it to them. If you must have that stuff on the site then move it to a more appropriate page.

– Get ride of the gimmicks like the site counter and clock, nobody is interested in seeing that.

– Improve your logo / banner, reduce it’s size

FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS on showing people your PRODUCT! I want to see all the amazing examples of things you sell! Make sure that the photos are taken in a consistent manner, and beautifully presented, as these are the things that people want to see, and that will have them calling you and giving you money :D

Hope that all makes sense, feel free to ask if you want more advice, I’m happy to help :)