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eBay is a great place to start a business and test the waters to see if it is for you. I started out just the same as you and a year later I am now an ebay Powerseller.

You should have a look at the ato website, as well as business.gov.au, All these questions would be answered within no time on those websites. Failing that, you can organise for someone from the ATO to come to your house and explain all of your requirements.

Without knowing your situation, I am assuming:
-Yes, you do need to register an ABN,
-You can legally trade as your own name, but I would recommend registering a business name. It only costs about $30 and takes 20 minutes. It makes you look far more professional.
-You only need to register for GST if you plan on earning over $75000, probably not going to happen in your first year so don’t bother, it will make more work for you

And a couple of tips:

-Keep receipts for absolutely everything you spend on your business. You can get monthly reports from eBay and PayPal outlining the fees they take and how much income you made.
-KNOW YOUR FEES! eBay and PayPal both take a percentage of your sales, it is easy to get caught out at the end of the month and realize you haven’t actually been making as much profit as you thought. There are a few calculators online that make this easy.

eBay is a great, low risk place to start selling and there is so much information online about making your listings stand out above the competition.

You will learn as you go along, and one day it will all make sense. As long as you keep good records you will have no problems when tax time comes around next year.

Good luck with your new venture!