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simonw, post: 123525 wrote:
eBay is a great place to start a business and test the waters to see if it is for you. I started out just the same as you and a year later I am now an ebay Powerseller.

Without knowing your situation, I am assuming:
-Yes, you do need to register an ABN,
-You can legally trade as your own name, but I would recommend registering a business name. It only costs about $30 and takes 20 minutes. It makes you look far more professional.
-You only need to register for GST if you plan on earning over $75000, probably not going to happen in your first year so don’t bother, it will make more work for you

Hi Simonw,

Wow that is great, a Powerseller! It would be nice to reach that status and very unlikely to earn over $75000!

We are going to start off with as a Sole Trader for now, and depending on the situation think about another structure.

I have looked on the net at prices for registering a business and they were more expensive, $100. Where did you go to get this price from?

Thank you :)