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I have looked on the net at prices for registering a business and they were more expensive, $100. Where did you go to get this price from?

Under the new national business name registration system, it is $30 for 1 year of business name registration, $70.00 for three years. Prior to this new system, when you would register just in your state/territory it was a bit more expensive – around that $100 mark – so you may have come across some out of date info… names are now registered through http://www.asic.gov.au.

It is a starting point for our own business in the future and at the moment it will be some extra cash?

As you are looking to register a business name, as a sole trader and get an ABN etc – this will be seen as operating a business… not a ‘starting point’ for a future business… even if in the early days you are testing the waters and making a little extra money, this could still be viewed as operating a business in the eyes of the ATO etc, so, an accountant would still be a good idea to make sure everything is done right from the start – this will also help you grow/expand after awhile most smoothly.

All the best :)