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dudley, post: 123713 wrote:
Hi Chris,

Do you think we should get an accountant for selling on ebay? It is a starting point for our own business in the future and at the moment it will be some extra cash? or should we take it more serious than that?

I am well organised, very particular where everything should be, it is just the bookwork I am afraid of!

Thank you

Hi Dudley,

Interesting response.. Personally, and i may get in trouble for this, if you plan on moving ahead with a business model (eg ebay + then web site + then shop as a plan) it would be helpful to ensure you are following a complete business path.. What you do today with your ebay store may provide or exclude some opportunities you had/had not planned on in the future.

Some professional advice (be it your existing accountant or local councils business mentors) from the outset will set you in good steed to power along, at what ever pace your decide, although hopefully has provided you and hubby with a beautiful roadmap to ensure you get to the right destination in the end…

This does not mean you need to retain a professional, but have a relationship with one for those ‘just in case’ scenarios that you may want to call on one..

Planning is imperative, eg where you buy stock from, who you sell to, how you sell to them, what margins you want or need, marketing, logo, names, brands, business bank accounts, merchant facilities (obviously ebay = paypal but you may want bank merchant if doing web sites – maybe), and the list goes on..

Seriously not trying to scare you….. honestly… although i have been selling on ebay for over 12 years now (almost a teenager.. woot woot) and have managed to keep a 100% feedback record by planning everything.. costs, delivery methods, what to sell, how to sell and even more “who” to sell to… we also back this up with warehouse and retail presence and got to this stage by planning ahead from early days on ebay… if it wasnt for the advice, not sure how we would look as a business today…

Oh boy, that has turned into more a story about me.. soz..

Overall, if you do plan on going from ebay to web site to store (and retaining each along the way) a little forward planning with a professional of sorts will go a long way to helping you ensure you are on the right path… and of course,,, some FS forum inputs :D

Look forward to learning more about your ‘adventure’ and wish you all the best.. its a fun time ahead for you… a new mumpreneur to FS..


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