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MissT76, post: 123532 wrote:

I have previously imported goods and the Freight Forwarder cost me a small fortune.

After I had paid the money etc, I was told that the actual procedure could have been done by myself for a fraction of the cost.

Is that true? And if so, what is the process of paying everyone etc? Is there a checklist etc that needs to be completed when importing?

I do not regulary import goods, but when I do it is typically a signification cost involved and as a sole trader I am trying to keep the costs to a minimum.

Any feedback would be great!

Hi, im actually GM of a Freight Forwarding co. Since customs introduce their new system about 5 years ago, its not possible for people to clear new, purchased goods by themselves. Well it is, but you will need customs digital certificate and a license to be a broker, the pass rate each year to become a customs broker is about 10%, they make it very hard so anyone who passes is very eagerly sought. If you felt you were overcharged before, id be happy to talk to you about it, sometimes forwarders knowing getting another job from someone they will take to them with a big stick, or if you bought CIF from china, your factory probably got a massive rebate and you paid over the odds local charges to cover it. Kinda how china works now, so its always best to buy FOB so you can control everything and know the charges upfront.

We’d love to help you anyway, no matter where in Australia we can do timely and competetively if you have any questions please contact me as follows

Triways Australia Pty Ltd
T: 03 9335 3222
E: [email protected]

Cheers Brad !