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Paul B., post: 123623 wrote:
Not good enough – he made me feel like ‘just another customer with a pocket full of cash’. I think good upselling disguising the fact that they are upselling in the first place![/

I still would have declined but atleast in this instance there is a monetary incentive. If a 15% discount was offered I probably wouldn’t have given it a second though and raise it on this discussion. But the fact that there was no apparent gain from buying the extra product then and there just left me a little puzzled and sour.

He would have been better off saying something like:

“Did you know this is Book 1 of a 3 Book series? If she likes this one you might have to come back and buy her the next 2 volumes…” in a fun tone. If someone said this to me and the price offer was right, I might even buy all 3 then and there – give them to my partner 1 by 1.

Sales is definitely not for me – that is for sure!