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Paul B.
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yourvirtualboard, post: 123628 wrote:
Surely once the first volume has been read then next two would follow and they are offering the convenience of taking them with you?

My perception of upsell in this context would be offering book markers or other items not associated with this book.

I want to disagree with you but I can’t!

Maybe I am being pedantic. I guess my reaction was a mixture of:

1. Not finding it ‘inconvenient’ to come back to the shops. More than likely I would be back before my girlfriend finished the book anyway.

2. The salesperson assuming that my girlfriend would like the book in the first place. She may not like it and then im stuck with 3 volumes of paper!

3. The sales person assuming I would be willing to outlay 3 times the said amount.

Im digging a hole here but that was really how I felt.