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Everyone wants a magic answer.

Almost all these assessment software programs are good for is promoting the tool distributor’s business. They are virtually all designed to tell the user one thing – “you need our services”. The other reason for their existence is to generate back links.

This seems to be yet another example of irrelevant, analysis paralysis.

Almost all of them that I’ve tested fall foul of one or more of the following:

a. The measurement parameters are meaningless – no one knows the SE parameters accurately enough to design an accurate piece of software
b. The tools are out of date – G makes 2+ changes per day and this is not a new program.
c. The user does not understand what the measurements mean
d. The tools aren’t relevant to the Australian or a specific market
e. The tool producer does not provide info on their accuracy and currency
f. The tool maker does not have a large enough or representative database on which to make recommendations

This tool does a great job of ticking most of these limitation boxes.

For Flying Solo, Hubspot’s “Top 3 Things to Do” are an absolute joke! What more could you expect. If you apply it to your own website and believe it, you definitely need help!

Caveat emptor.