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Vilson, why did you start your business? If that why wasn’t strong enough, or has already been met, then you either need to find a new why or stop doing what you’re doing.

Some people start a business because they don’t know what else to do with themselves. Or perhaps it just appeals to be able to work from home. Perhaps it’s something else but if it’s not strong enough then when the going gets tough, it’s very easy to lose that drive and motivation.

I’ve been running mine for 18 years and I have had times when I lost the drive but it was much later in my business life. One time was a few years after I started and my husband took ill and was in hospital. I was visiting him every day and really lost the drive for my business and thought I’d go back to a job once he was home and recovered. But 12 weeks in a temporary job was enough to cure me. I had outgrown the corporate world and really hated being stuck in it and feeling stifled. So I rebuilt my business, reconnected with clients and continued on with it. There have been occasional other times but that was the worst one.

However, in the early years, the drive for me was to be home for my children. I was desperate to make my business work and not go back to a job. They needed me at home so I did everything I could to connect with people, get the word out (pre-Internet some of that time) and gain new clients.

So, back to my question, is your why big enough? Perhaps connecting with a business coach to help you brainstorm your why and also look at how you’re doing things might be the answer for you?