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Hi Vilson,
I think Kathie is on the money with her suggestion to find a big enough “why”, and to consider speaking with a business coach.
Another suggestion is to check out some local business networking events – being in a room with other business owners and making some new connections should get you fired up again.
My other thought is less about motivation, and more about getting you some more customers… At the risk of saying something controversial, here goes – Why are you so cheap?
I’ve seen your SEO prices, the first thing I would suggest is you increase your prices by 50%. I agree that there is a lot of competition in the market for web design and SEO services – but many of the other people you’re competing with are cowboys (I’m assuming that you’re much better than them). Competing to be the cheapest is nothing more than a race to the bottom – you end up working twice as hard and for half the reward. The type of customers who make decisions based on the cheapest prices are never long term stable clients.
I believe that if you’re good at what you do, and you deliver solid results for your clients, then you should charge appropriately.
Personally my first reaction was that your website impressed me, and I liked your SEO packages as they offered a range of options – but your prices concern me. I can’t help but wonder why you’re so cheap, and if you’re cheap because you cut corners or maybe you just don’t deliver a service as good as others? You might well be fantastic at what you do, but your prices don’t give me confidence that I am hiring someone fantastic.
That’s my two cents. If you’re not getting many new customers by being the cheapest in the market then increase your prices.
Good luck!