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In addition to the others, please remember to take out Business Insurance including public liability. For example, if you have NRMA house and contents insurance, it is good to have NRMA Business insurance. (Can be payable monthly.) Or similar if you have other insurers. If someone was visiting you or a courier delivering and fell over a hose and sustained an injury, they would argue as to whether it came under business or personal insurance. You must have both. You may be required to install an alarm to meet the insurer’s requirements.

In our council area you are not allowed to have any employees. You must work alone, or with one family member who is resident in the home.

You cannot have signage from a home either without permission either.
If you are building new separate premises on your property for work and will have visitors, then you must also provide disabled parking and toilet.

Although I have a fully setup studio and office I don’t have clients visit me. I do most things over the phone and internet. If I have to meet anyone, I choose to meet in a public place like a cafe and take my iPad. I still have to have Business Insurance.

Another insurance recommended is Professional Liability – http://www.bizcover.com.au has insurers for graphic designers.

Business Insurance will also cover fees you would not have thought of such as Audit fees for an Accountant if you ever get audited. And your laptop if you take it out on the road. There’s lots more, but they are examples.

This is the reason it’s important to check your overall rates like in the calculator here. Insurances, accountant fees and more all have to be taken into account. Plus portions of electricity, gas etc.

My dad used to say that if you work 40 hours, you should make your hourly rate over 20 hours because so many of those hours will be in paperwork, quoting and more. If you happen to be paid more than 20 hours at any time, then it will be a bonus.

All the best.
Karen C