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Hi Sonja,

What you need is to have your email stored on a server and not on each individual device / computer. Your email programs (and devices inc phone / tablet etc) will access that server to read and send mail, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks – they will at all times (when able to connect to the mail server) be synchronised in all areas (folders / calendar / inbox / sent etc). This in the microsoft world is called exchange.

Problem – to purchase an exchange server or exchange license and build an exchange server is costly for small business.

Solution – you can source hosted exchange. Its about $7 per month. Alternately you can go with google’s mail service which works the same but cant do task, and notes synchronisation and thats about $5 per month (i think).

IMO a MASSIVE benefit to use this mail technology.

There are some other alternatives – some of them even open source but nothing will be free as your going to need a server.

You could try using IMAP through your webhost – its sort of similar but only syncs mail (no contacts, tasks, calendar etc) but in my experience it can get buggy.