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As already quoted by others what you need is email which is hosted that way you can access it on multiple machines and mobile devices such as smartphones, this can be a basic solution such as POP or IMAP email hosted by your ISP which doesn’t cost any additional extra as it is part of your ISP costs.

IMO these accounts shouldn’t be used when running a business as they don’t provide the business level features that you need, these are more suited to personal use, and you want your email address to contain your own domain i.e. @mybiz.com. It gives your business a more professional image.

However for business I would recommend either Google Apps (free if your staff is less than 10 users, but you don’t get full features) or Office 365. Both of these are targeted towards businesses and offer similar features. Pricing for Google Apps starts from $5/user/month and Office 365 is from $7.90/user/month.

To determine which is best for your business will depend on your needs and business requirements, the Microsoft Lync and SharePoint that you get with Office 365 is a much better enterprise solution than that of Google Apps, however if mail is all you need then Google Apps would be your best solution and most cost effective.