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Well, I found something interesting. A lot of messages (45 of them) relating to updates on various sites for wordpress but right at the bottom, dated 26 April 2009 was a message that someone had reported my blog as violating their Webmaster Guidelines but no explanation as to what. Just a link to a list of instructions of guidelines and I’ve gone through them but can’t find anything specific that might explain what the problem was. I know I had some challenges with a couple of people in my industry and whether or not they put in a complaint, or whether it was something else, I have no idea. But since I never received the notification, or an email to say there was a notification, I have no idea what it was about. I’ve filled out a request form to find out how I can get it listed again. I knew it was around 3 years.

I also had problems with backlinks from porn spammers linking to my site which was probably just before then. I couldn’t figure out why so many links were leading to my site, it made no sense, not to me at least. But, at any rate, I don’t allow backlinks anymore as a result.