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the good news: yes, the bank feeds work for credit cards as well.
the bad news: most banks only give you access to 3 months worth of history, although some go back as much as 3 years. So it really depends on your bank how much data you can get.
It is possible to transfer bank statements pdf’s into a csv file that is ready for import. So if you are really keen you can get the data in that way. I have described how to export your bank details ready for Xero.

With regards to deleting non-business related expenses, you don’t want to do that. With an online accounting package, part of the advantage is that you can reconcile your expenses and income with the transactions on the bank. That means that at the end of each month, the balance that your accounts show for the bank account is the same as on your bank statement.

So the solution is to use a “Drawings” account and book any transaction that is not business related to that.