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Chris – Marketing
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I manufactured exclusive leather garments and carried a range of accessories. I never sold to any 2 outlets in a close proximity. I would have not sold to u a new comer. I would protect my loyal client. However if you had come to me offering a guarantee of extra $$$$ each month……well business is business. I would explain this to my loyal client.

As Oriton (top end H/bangs, purses and wallets) was already supplying another outlet I had to source other top end suppliers. My choices were good – reflected by good sales.

Extend ur research to other states and countries. A proven brand is easier to sell. But if u maintain good product, are in a good location, offer reliable service and reasonable pricing then I wouldn’t be concerned about your opposition. Once u establish your Business and obtain good market share u will be turning suppliers away.

Chris Poulios
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