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Divert To Mobile, post: 124201 wrote:
I helped a friend in a similar situation, I managed to help him source a new supplier and he has remained loyal to them for the last 10 years – refusing to take salesmen fo the companies who refused him in the start. (poetic justice)

I would guess there are other suppliers out there competing with the one who doesnt want to sell to you. I would suggest to find them and form a business relationship – dont waste your energy fighting to sell the same products as your competitor. Find a point of difference and make it your strength.


Love Steves input.. he is right, no need to fight the supplier, find a similar one (must be some around the globe or locally) and create you P.O.D. (point of difference).. You;’ll love the feeling of ‘rejecting’ suppliers offers when the one who rejected you comes crawling.. LOL


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