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Hi Michael,

I completely agree that running a company doesn’t have to be any more complicated than operating as a sole trader. I run a company (sole director) and actually find it simpler. It keeps the business quite separate to me as a person. I don’t have to worry about income/expenses getting muddled up in my own personal finances come tax time etc and find it much easier on the bookkeeping front.

I think at least an initial consultation with a good accountant is a great idea. They will be able to advise on the right structure for your circumstances, and the best way to treat yourself within that structure. For example, I treat myself simply as an employee of the company. I pay myself a wage and the company withholds tax and then gives me a group certificate at the end of the year etc. The company has its tax return done and I do my own personal one. No different really to if I was actually employed by any other person/company, only I just so happen to be the director of the company as well.

An accountant will also be able to register the company for you if you are not comfortable doing so yourself. Like SmartBizBlog said, there are plenty of corporate service providers that make it easy to move forwards and register the company yourself. There are plenty around, but I can suggest Shelcom Corporate Services who are a member of Flying Solo too. I have several clients that have used their services and all are happy customers.

I also use MYOB for my bookkeeping within the company, and it really is quite simple once you’re used to it and most accountants will accept your MYOB files at the end of financial year in order to prepare returns etc.

As to finding a good accountant, there are plenty on here and I am sure some will be along soon to offer their services. If not, perhaps try adding a thread in the ‘need a resource’ section of the forum?

All the best with it :)