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I agreed with the above, running a company does not mean it’s more complicated than a sole trader. You just need to understand what’s different in compliance and other requirement such as director’s duties. Most of time if you are doing the right thing you got nothing to worry about.

With the internet and cloud accounting software, you for sure can have a handle on your business while you are traveling.

You probably should talk to a few accoutants and see which one you feel more comfortable with and design how you and your accoutant will communicate and process your accounting needs.

Find a way for the flow of paperwork and communication that’s bested suit your situation which will make life easier for you and your accountant, so you can have more time to focus on developing your business and your accountant spend less time to bring the books up-to-date and more time looking at what the numbers are telling him/her about your business and offer advise to improve accordingly.

Besh wishes for your business.