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Grant Mason
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PO Box vs virtual address. As pointed out many businesses operate with a PO Box and have done so for years – and they are less of an expense than a virtual address.

Yet you may consider the type of business you have. Some of the web designers referred to above may have come out of the industry taking a number of customers with them, having a strong customer base, and good ability to attract new business by word of mouth.

However, if you are a business definitely out to get new customers you might consider that those who don’t know you will be on your webpage and contact page seeing where you are located. Through all that they will be developing a perception of how much they can trust that you will do a good job and do what you say you will do on your website. A commercial office address looks more established and successful than a PO Box. And that is what you might consider.

Plus ASIC and Google Places/Google+ don’t accept PO boxes (why is that, if PO Boxes are so good and suitable?).

I operate a business centre in the Sydney area called Gordon Executive Centre. We offer a great rate for a virtual address (you may easily pay 2 to 3 times elsewhere). Plus don’t trust those providers who don’t invite you to visit and meet the business staff like we do. For more information about the benefits of a virtual address see: virtual office address Sydney.

Regards, Grant Mason
Gordon Executive Centre